Half Rim Reading Glasses


Partial rim reading glasses are available in various corrective lens powers or dioptre values. These quality reading glasses rectify refractive errors, bringing back clear images when performing close work.


Half rimmed glasses have arms that are spring hinged. The semi-rimless readers are reglazable with prescription lenses. This is attained by removing the plastic cord that holds the lenses in the half rim, cutting a grove in the replacement lenses to rehouse the cord and reinserting into the frame rim.

Gunmetal frame
RGS Ready-Made Reader: Partial Rim
FRAME:Gunmetal , Metallic
Distance between armsFrame_Width: 125 mm
Arm lengthArm_Length: 140 mm
Arm hinge typeSprung
Lens widthLens_Width: 46 mm,
Lens height Lens_Height: 28 mm