Folding Reading Glasses



The 'near point' of our vision is the minimum distance from the eye that an object can be clearly focused. For a young adult, this is around 10cm. With advancing age, our lens loses elasticity and hence its ability to focus (accommodate). Because of this, older people cannot read print at the same close range as they once did when younger. This condition is termed presbyopia.

Age Related Presbyopia

By the time we reach 40, the 'near point' may have increased to around 20cm. By the age of 60, there may be a further increase to about 80cm. Presbyopia usually begins to manifest itself when we are in our mid forties. Around this time, people who already wear single vision glasses for distance start to need bifocals. Folks who have never previously worn glasses begin to require them for reading and close work.


The FTZ folding reading glasses restore clarity when then lenses ability to accommodate becomes reduced. The powers available range from +1.0 to +3.5 dioptre in increments of 0.5 dioptre.


If you are looking for glasses that take up minimal space and are well protected, then the FTZ is an ideal solution. The design is compact, low profile and sits well down in a pocket, lessening the risk of loss. Occupying about half the volume of conventional glasses, foldable readers are ideal for storage in a brief case or handbag.


The full rim nose-pads and bridge are finished in shiny black. The arms are a polished metallic silver. The bridge has a central hinge, allowing the frame to fold into a hard metallic case.


The FTZ arms have three telescopic sections. The arms compress from a maximum length of 130 mm down to 74 mm. The wrap-around design ensures a close fit. The ends of the arms consist of a black plastic section for added comfort.


These folding reading glasses are provided with a strong metal case. This shiny black case is a hinged clam style design with a click down catch and press tab release. The interior is lined with a felt like material for prevent lens scratching.

Overhead view of FTZ frame
FTZ folded into metallic case
FTZ folded into low profile state
Front view of FTZ
Overhead view folded bride and contracted arms
Overhead view of fully folded FTZ
Overhead view of whole FTZ
Telescopic arm fully extended
Black frame
FTZ Ready-Made Reader: Folder
FRAME:Black, Metallic, Telescopic Arms
Distance between armsFrame_Width: 130 mm
Arm lengthArm_Length: 135 mm
Arm hinge typeSprung
Lens widthLens_Width: 48 mm,
Lens height Lens_Height: 26 mm
HOLDER:Clam Style Case,
L: 80 mm, W: 40 mm, H 18 mm