Folding Reading Glasses


Folding reading glasses are of reduced size and easier to carry and store. The designs are compact, low profile and sit lower in a pocket so that the risk of loss is lessened. Occupying just over half the volume of a conventional glasses, foldable readers are ideal for storage in a brief case or handbag.

The FTZ full rim shiny black folders have telescopic arms which allow it to fit inside a very small metallic clam-style case.

Black frame
FTZ Ready-Made Reader: Folder
FRAME:Black, Metallic, Telescopic Arms
Distance between armsFrame_Width: 130 mm
Arm lengthArm_Length: 135 mm
Arm hinge typeSprung
Lens widthLens_Width: 48 mm,
Lens height Lens_Height: 26 mm
HOLDER:Clam Style Case,
L: 80 mm, W: 40 mm, H 18 mm