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Ready-Made Readers

We provide a wide range of optical appliances consisting of quality ready-made reading glasses in lens powers from +0.75 to +4.0 dioptre. Our reading eyeglasses are competitively priced, most with spring arms for extra comfort, and have been selected to cater for the most discerning of customers. Other products are shown below.

FRW Prescription Distance Glasses ELB Prescription Distance Glasses RG4 Prescription Distance Glasses Prescription Distance Glasses
Prescription distance lenses are made exactly to your optical prescription. These prescription lenses can be installed into our FREE website frames or you can supply your own frames.
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RGA Prescription Reading Glasses ACY Prescription Reading RG2 Prescription Reading Glasses Prescription Reading Glasses
Are an extension to our ready-made range. Send your own frame for reglazing or choose from our FREE website frames.
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RGC Prescription Computer Glasses RG5 Prescription Computer Glasses BFE Prescription Computer Glasses Prescription Computer Glasses
Worn whilst using a computer to reduce eye soreness. Your own frame can be sent for reglaze or our FREE website frames are available.
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BF1 Bifocal Reading Glasses BFD Bifocal Reading Glasses BFB Bifocal Reading Glasses Bifocal Reading Glasses
Have a lower lens D-section that is used for reading and an upper plain lens region. Available with either tinted or untinted lenses.
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FO3 Ready-Made Black Folding Reading Glasses with Black Case FOA Ready-Made Stone Folding Reading Glasses with Stone Case FO2 Ready-Made Gunmetal Folding Reading Glasses with Hardshell Case Ready-Made Folding Reading Glasses
Have hinges in the bridge and arms, allowing them to be folded into a compact space. This reduces their profile so they can be housed in attractive case.
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THM Slim Line Ready-Made Reading Glasses TBB Slim Line Ready-Made Reading Glasses TLW Slim Line Ready-Made Reading Glasses Ready-Made Slim Tube Reading Glasses
Are supplied in low profile metallic cases and elliptic tubes to allow them to fit easily into a pocket or bag.
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SR1 Ready-Made Sunreading Glasses SRL Ready-Made Sunreading Glasses SRB Ready-Made Sunreading Glasses Ready-Made Sunreading Glasses
Ideal for offsetting the glare of bright sunlight whilst reading outdoors. The tinted lenses act as corrective glasses.
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Online Reading Glasses
Unit 12, The Sycamores, Heatherwood Grove, Darlington, County Durham, DL3 9PH, England.

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